SEPTEMBER    Parents News Letter

Dear Reclaimed Parents/Guardians,

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the start to the school year and the possible new rhythm that a new school year brings. We have a lot of new information in this month's newsletter!
Reclaimed Family BIG MEETING, September 22nd 5:30 to 6:15 ! We will review information about activities and events for ALL of 2021 and 2022 and a peak into 2023 plans!

Beginning October 6th, we will start to open the doors for FUEL at 5:30pm. We will occasionally have special events that the doors will open up earlier. If this change prevents your student from being able to attend please email me at We might be able to put them on our set-up team for Fuel Nights.

I wanted to say thank you once again for allowing us to partner with you as we try to help guide and direct our students to God and the path that He has for them. Remember, consistency in their walk with the Lord, and consistency in their attendance here at "Reclaimed" is extremely important. I can tell you from experience that keeping your student plugged into a gospel-centered youth ministry will have a tremendous impact on their spiritual development throughout their journey. Love you all!!!


-  Pastor Wryan East

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We really want to give our students and leaders the opportunity to support our students. Whether your student is an athlete, artist, actor, or etc... We want to be in the bleachers, stadium, or place cheering them on. To make this happen we need your help. Please send your student’s schedules to  Each week at Fuel we will put up a graphic during the announcement time with a preview for the next few weeks of games, recitals, and performances. When your student is doing what they love and living on mission for King Jesus, we want them to look up and see the "Reclaimed Squad" Cheering them on.


We are halfway through our Equip series with sessions 3 and 4 remaining.

Beginning on September 22nd at the completion of this series, we will go back to our normal Jr. High 6:15 and Sr. High 6:45 rotation model.

  • September 8- Equip Session 3

         Bible Group -   "The What"

         Pursue Group -   "Pursue Life"   John 4:10-17, 10:10

    September 15- Equip Session 4

         Bible Group -   "The How"

         Pursue Group -  "Pursue Identity"   Ephesians 2:10

       September 22- Dario Suri

Devo Downloads           Seven Arrows

Upcoming teaching series

“Comforting Comfort"

•       Sept 29 - 2 Corinthians 1    (Battle of the Schools)

•       Oct 6 -     2 Corinthians 2    (Hillbilly Night Theme,     Doors Open at 5:30)

•       Oct 13 -   2 Corinthians 3

•       Oct 20 - 2 Corinthians 4

Upcoming Highlights on the books

  • Homeschool HAngout

    2nd Tuesday of each Month,  9AM to 1PM

  • the big meeting           September 22nd  5:30-6:15

    RECLAIMED Family Meeting

    Information for activities & Events for ALL of 2021 and 2022 with some 2023 highlights thrown in!

  • your art could be on the next reclaimed shirt!

    Who will have the next great RECLAIMED theme design?  Turn in your inspiration by September 22nd

  • battle of the schools      September 29th

    Will Pineapple Cove retain their title?

  • Hillbilly night at fuel   oct 6th

    Get you flannel and overalls out and join in the fun!

    Doors Open at 5:30!