October    Parents News Letter

Dear Reclaimed Parents/Guardians,

I wanted to thank you for your patience with this newsletter. We have a lot of new information that is in this email. If you were at the last parent meeting you are already know a lot of the information down below.
REMINDER: Our doors now open for FUEL at 5:30pm. We will occasionally have special events that the doors will open up earlier. If this change prevents your student from being able to attend please email me at wryan@fbcmel.org. We might be able to put them on our set up team for Fuel Nights.
Registrations are now online for our upcoming events  at: www.fbcmel.info/students.
We currently have three registrations up online. Here is a reminder to keep you in the loop.
"The Uphill Battle" -Free Parent Event Oct. 29
We will have childcare for 6th grade and below. During this event we will have dessert so please make sure you and your family have dinner before arriving.  Register by October 24.
Discipleship Now Weekend- November 12-13
Register by October 31 to get the early bird price: $35
On/After November 1 cost goes up to $45.
Summer Camps 2022
Middle School Camp: June 17-23   (6th-8th graders 2021-2022 school year)
High School Camp: July 18-24  (9th - 12th graders 2021-2022 school year)
Registration will remain open, but the $100 deposit is due. This deposit guarantees your student a spot on the trip. This year we are expecting to have a waiting list based on last year’s numbers. So go ahead and register now while we still have space. There are more details about this event down below.
Just for fun we have a little competition/challenge going on. If your family is registered for all three events by October 27th at noon. Your student will be entered in a drawing for the chance to work alongside of Dario and shave my beard into a crazy style live at Fuel October 27th. The worst part is that I will be rocking this new beard style at church October 31.

 We also have a few needs that we went over at our last parent meeting. If you are interested in serving in any of these volunteer roles please email me at wryan@fbcmel.org.
  • Security Team
  • Event Volunteer
  • Tutors
  • Volunteers
  • CAFE'

I wanted to say thank you once again for allowing us to partner with you as we try to help guide and direct our students to God and the path that He has for them. Remember, consistency in their walk with the Lord, and consistency in their attendance here at "Reclaimed" is extremely important. I can tell you from experience that keeping your student plugged into a gospel-centered youth ministry will have a tremendous impact on their spiritual development throughout their journey. Love you all!!!


-  Pastor Wryan East

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2021   DNOW   WKND

This year we will be partnering with our Engage Conference here at FBCMEL. This weekend event with start at Fuel on Wednesday with our guest speaker Nik Ripken. Then we will move to the Friday night service, and the cool part about the Friday night service is that everyone will be invited. Yes that means parents are welcome too. This year we want our disciple now weekend to focus on training and disciplining our students in smaller settings. So Saturday will be a day filled with opportunities for your students to attend different teaching tracks. We are looking forward to what God has in store for this epic weekend of discipleship. Register for this event at www.fbcmel.info/students..
2021 DNOW WKND     November 12-13
Register by October 31
   $35                       On/After   November 1   $45.

Series    “Can We Fix It?"

   Nov 3- 2 Corinthians 5 & 2 Corinthians 6

   Nov 10- ENGAGE DNOW WKND- Guest Speaker

   Nov 17- 2 Corinthians 7

   Nov 24- NO YOUTH

2022   Summer   camps

Reclaimed students are you ready for Camp? Get ready for a great week of fun, worship, and time in the Word with our Reclaimed Family.

  • Jr.High we are going back to FUGE at Ridgecrest in June.
  • Sr.High we will be headed back to Generate at Lookout Mtn in July.

Registration is open now! The summer will be here before you know it so go ahead and register. Once we hit a certain amount of students we will form a waiting list. We do have a limited amount of students that we can physically take on these trips. So be sure to register early. If you have any more questions be sure to follow up with Pastor Wryan at  www.fbcmel.info/students.

Reed Weekend "The Uphill Battle":

October 29th | 6:15-8:00pm              Free event for Parents.


We have constantly said that Reclaimed student ministry is a ministry that comes alongside parents to help point their child to Jesus. This year we are excited to offer our Reclaimed parents a free one-night event called “The Uphill Battle". We have invited Pastor Erik Reed to come down and share the Word and his story with you. We are looking forward to building connections between you and other reclaimed families while at the same time sharpening each other on this parenting journey. When it comes to reaching our students with the gospel, we know that disciplining you the parent is one of the most important foundational win that we could ever see in achieving that goal.

Upcoming Highlights on the books

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  • Homeschool HAngout

    2nd Tuesday of each Month,  9AM to 1PM

  • UPHILL Battle       Parent event

    Friday October 29,  6:15 - 8pm

    RSVP by Oct 24th

    Guest Speaker:  Erik  Reed

  • 2021     dnow     wknd

    Discipleship Now Weekend- November 12-13

    Register by October 31 to get the early bird price: $35

    On/After November 1 cost goes up to $45.

  • Middle School camp 2022

    Middle School Camp: June 17-23 

           (6th-8th graders 2021-2022 school year)

  • Sr. High camp 2022

    High School Camp: July 18-24  

           (9th - 12th graders 2021-2022 school year)